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About the BioAg World Digest

The BioAgriculture industry is revolutionizing agriculture all across the globe. It’s an elaborate community made up of stakeholders, academia, farmers, startups, established companies and scientists who all have the same goal of making agriculture the best that it can be through products that are sustainable, affordable AND effective.

But to remain strong, this BioAg community needs a unified voice and mode of communication to eliminate confusion and build a strong network. For years the industry relied on a handful of newsletters and miscellaneous publications, but it never had one professional, reliable all-encompassing source…until now.

GBL offered a solution by creating the BioAg World (BAW) Digest in 2021 – a comprehensive digital magazine for global bioag industry professionals. This publication fulfills a specific need – offering cutting edge information, thought leadership, and news. It is beyond an adverts catalog or another news aggregator. Instead, it is a unique, high value periodical full of checked and processed market information, with best industry experts view and market analysis. 

About half our magazine contains exclusive market information – articles and news prepared by industry experts with only a limited amount of adverts (15% of the content). Every issue has our Board of Industry experts to add experts’ value included in the content.

We invite you to join us and help us fulfill our mission at unifying and connecting the global BioAg community!

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